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Securing slippery areas
Designing the roadways
Making public spaces accessible to all
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  • 2022, Proople launches its eco-responsible project.

    The Objectives of the Cap Eco ? Reduce our chemical compounds from petrochemicals and try to use bio-based products (mostly from plants) Dealing with our waste in a sensible way.…

  • What is an accessible station?

    What is an accessible station? Right from the station forecourt… Indeed, right from the entrance to the station, accessibility must be taken into account. For taxis and other vehicles, parking…

  • Proople, our TBSafe and the automotive industry !

    Automotive ?Which refers to all motorized vehicles. Present in the automotive industry (automotive, railway, aeronautical, naval, nautical, etc..). Proople offers anti-skid solutions with its TBSafe range. Available in pre-cut or…