Proople is above all a team of professional, constructive men and women whose competence has been recognised for 45 years. In our constant search for solutions and new ideas, we work with all our partners to offer our customers the most suitable solution to make all floors accessible and safe from slipping in all circumstances.

At Proople, we design, manufacture and cast polymer resins in the form of all types of floors.
With over 40 years of unique know-how, we aim to become the European leader in anti-slip and accessibility flooring solutions through an ambitious policy of innovation and a responsible approach.

“Anti-slip and accessibility solutions for the floor”

Our ambition: to be proud to BE THE REFERENCE in our fields of activity, to constantly obtain the TRUST of all our partners, and to give all our employees the ENVY to belong to PROOPLE and to grow.

Our mission: to be an innovative and socially and environmentally responsible plastics company, firmly rooted in its territory and a key player in its markets in Europe.

“Made in France”

Choosing PROOPLE means choosing “made in France” know-how. Our factories in France have production lines designed in-house to

The words “Made in France”, words that we are proud to use on our products and solutions to attest to the French origin of our manufacturing.

With our “Made in France” marking, we certify that the entire manufacturing / transformation of the product was carried out in France in our factory in Chalonnes / Loire (49).

Only a few raw materials are imported from Western Europe (mainly from Germany as there is no production in France). Thus, we respect the official definition which specifies that “products whose non-preferential origin is French within the meaning of the European Union Customs Code, i.e. with a last substantial transformation carried out in France, are considered to be manufactured in France”.

Innovation & Environment

Our extensive Research and Development efforts are based on listening carefully to the current and future needs of our customers and

launched at the beginning of 2022, our CAP ECOO project aims to :

– Reduce the weight of petrochemical components and optimise the use of biosourced products (of plant or marine origin) in an eco-design approach; Use ecologically neutral cleaning products. Develop the use of vegetable oils.

– To treat our waste sensibly. Eliminate final waste. Reuse or recycle our waste in a 3R approach (Recyclability, Recycling, Reuse);

– To sustainably reduce our energy consumption (electricity) and eliminate fossil fuels (oil);

– Develop responsible purchasing by favouring local suppliers committed to environmentally friendly approaches;

  • Reliability – Choosing Proople means choosing the quality of “made in France” with systematic control of outgoing products. It also means trusting a team of men and women who are experts in their field and who can advise you on your projects. Finally, it is an industrial equipment of high technological level, designed in-house by our engineers and technicians.

  • Experience – Choosing Proople means choosing 45 years of expertise in its business, and unanimous recognition from its customers for the quality of its products in accessibility, urban and landscape design, and industrial and technical anti-slip.

  • Innovation / Research – Choosing Proople means choosing a company that invests in research and innovation every year, thanks in particular to our R&D team composed of the best chemical engineers. It is also a sustainable commitment to new products, eco-designed and ever more environmentally friendly.

Important dates

Proople’s milestones

  • 1977

    Our company is called Eram Industrie, and we are developing and patenting a new polyurethane resin-based surface, the Terre Battue Synthétique (TBS), to equip tennis courts.

  • 1979

    Based on our initial research and applications, we are working with Éric Tabarly to develop a new nautical anti-slip coating that he will test on his boat Paul Ricard for his participation in the “Lorient-Les Bermudes-Lorient” race.

  • 1983

    Thanks to its effectiveness and resistance to the most extreme conditions, our anti-slip is rapidly becoming the reference for the protection of sailors in major ocean races. Philippe Jantot’s, Florence Arthaud’s or Philippe Poupon’s sailing boats are equipped with our products.

  • 1986

    We are expanding our field of application to industry. In close collaboration with Renault, our design office developed the 1st anti-slip anti-fatigue mat for the safety and comfort of workers on the Flins production line.

  • 1992

    We are developing a new range of products for risk prevention and accessibility in the building and transport sector.

  • 2007

    On the strength of our initial feedback on roadways, we are launching an innovative range of resin pavers for the embellishment of urban centres. Our pavers guarantee safety, aesthetics and ease of installation.

  • 2010

    Our company becomes Passage-Sécurité and asserts itself as the specialist in the transformation of elastomeric plastics, dedicated to accessibility for people with reduced mobility and to the safety of floors and public spaces.

  • 2016

    Passage becomes Proople (contraction of Protect People) with the ambition to develop its international presence.

  • 2017

    We are launching the 100% accessibility range. A simplified, 100% standardised range with the highest standards of quality/price durability. We create the first adhesive podotactile tile suitable for roadways.

  • 2019

    Launch of the new universal indoor/outdoor compatible tiles and guide strips

  • 2021

    Launch of “Prêts-à-Poser”: a whole range of accessibility products and self-adhesive stair nosings that help simplify installation and eliminate adhesives and waste.

  • 2022

    Launch of the Hisseo 2025 project “together towards new horizons”. A project that aims to ensure the sustainable growth of the company by putting people and respect for the environment at the heart of its development.