Why cut our TBSafe with a waterjet cutter ?

How water jet cutting works

From the erosion of cliffs to the power of a hydroelectric plant, the power of water seems limitless. The principle of water jet cutting and its cutting properties are obtained thanks to pumps propelling water at very high pressure (from 4136 bar to 6200 bar) through a very fine nozzle to strike and cut the material placed on a cutting table. The water jet is then collected in a water basin which absorbs the pressure and allows its recycling.

As with laser cutting, waterjet cutting machines are high-precision automatic machines driven by numerical controls. Thanks to the focusing cannon, the programming of the workpiece plane allows the design of very fine nestings, with smooth cutting edges, and thus limits material losses.

Cutting with pure water

Pure water cutting is intended for soft materials such as TBSafe by Proople, where pressure is used to cut the material. The water jet is then very fine, exerted by cutting nozzles of 0.08 mm to 0.30 mm. It allows for extremely precise cutting, without a Thermally Affected Zone (TAZ). Indeed, the cutting is clean and allows for very little material waste.

Take a look at our demonstration video to see how precise the cutting is.

High pressure water for high precision cutting

Whether for the aerospace or automotive industries or for our TBSafe at Proople, the precision of the nozzle, coupled with high-tech programming and human skills, allows for very high quality results. The resulting clean cut edges do not require reworking, thus providing productivity gains.

The processing time will vary according to the thickness of the TBSafe (between 1 and 2.1 mm) and the complexity of the parts to be machined, but the technology is now accessible and open to a wide range of possibilities.

At Proople, this technology is used to cut the TBSafe according to the drawings provided by our customers. We are therefore in direct contact with the design offices and/or naval architects. The design, safety and aesthetics of boats, vehicles or any other supports are therefore taken into account from the moment the plans are created.

If you would like to know more about our TBSafe anti-slip, or contact us directly via the contact form.

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