Bridge of peace

Lyon (69)

The footbridge crosses the river smoothly, in a single smooth and natural movement that creates several crossing paths and naturally offers itineraries corresponding to the different accesses on each bank. The footbridge is asymmetrical and oriented towards the city of Lyon. The current section is 5 m wide and consists of a bicycle lane and a pedestrian lane.

A second link is formed by the part accompanying the arch that connects the banks of the Rhône. This link brings the walker closer to the river and enriches the crossing. The two strips unite in the centre to form a square – a belvedere – in the middle of the river. The design of this widening with benches allows the walker to take a break halfway along, and to enjoy the beautiful view towards Lyon. It is a privileged place overlooking the river, to admire the landscape. The footbridge is also safe thanks to the mineral aluminium insert profiles, which are highly resistant to slipping in the event of rain or frost.