Pedestrian crossings

Angers (49)

The city of Angers has recently installed warning strips on the road at pedestrian crossings.

This signage element is recognisable by its vertical white stripes aligned one behind the other and covering the entire width of the road. The strips are at least 2.5 metres long and 50 centimetres wide in built-up areas and are spaced at 50 centimetres intervals. Paving stones are not intended for guidance, orientation, information or location; they are only intended to arouse attention, as the safety of blind and partially sighted people (BSPs) depends primarily on their alertness, particularly when approaching danger zones.

Application areas

With reference to the NF P98-351 standard, the following are the areas of application of warning strips (BEV), limited exclusively to the following situations

  • at the edge of access platforms to collective guided, maritime or river transport, at the level of embarkation or disembarkation zones, or when passengers are getting on or off.

It does not apply if the docks are equipped with a physical protection system. Guided transport systems, by rail or equivalent, are concerned if the platforms of their stations have a height of more than 26 cm above the track used by them;

  • at the kerbside at road crossings equipped with kerb drops, with or without a pedestrian crossing;
  • at raised road crossings with no detectable drop, with or without a pedestrian crossing;
  • at railway crossings;
  • at the top of each flight of stairs of at least three steps located on a road or public space.