Proople supplies the mineral aluminum insert profiles for the greenways of the Port Alizés eco-district (Canet-en-Roussillon 66)

A new residential area certified “High Environmental Quality Development” (certified district) is being designed around a magnificent (,) landscaped park. The Port Alizés eco-neighborhood is in the heart of an exceptional natural site in the commune of Canet en Roussillon.

It is thus an example of sustainable urban development in France. The development of this eco-neighborhood preserves natural spaces. It excludes vehicular traffic to leave a large space for walking within a public park and is built around a lake, a real green island at the foot of the housing. A large part of the journeys is made on greenways (wooden footbridges).

Accessibility and safety of travel

Many people live or will live in the neighborhood and it was necessary to facilitate their access to the buildings. Therefore, the main objective of the interventions concerning mobility in the district was to make the traffic routes safe and to adapt them to the requirements and comfort of the different users.

PROOPLE supplied all the aluminum mineral insert profiles for the greenways. PROOPLE’s aluminum 6060 and mineral resin insert profiles are non-gelling, insensitive to UV, wear, and tear and to external stresses such as salty air, thermal variations over time… These PROOPLE profiles are also very resistant to heavy traffic and slippery surfaces. They are therefore perfectly suited to the environment of the Port Alizés eco-district.

The entire PROOPLE team would like to thank Tertu equipment’s for their trust and the quality of the installation of our products.

Choosing PROOPLE means choosing a product made in France, which complies with current standards and has an impeccable level of quality, recognized by our many customers for over 40 years. We offer unique and innovative anti-slip, accessibility and floor safety solutions, and a team of professionals to support you.

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