Proople, a specialist for over 40 years in anti-slip products for the nautical industry, is launching a new range of pre-cut “ready to install” products.

For this 2021 season, PROOPLE is launching a new range of 12 products of TBSafe 10 self-adhesive anti-slip and Speed Grip pre-cut foam.

Anti-slip TBSafe 10 ?

TBSafe Proople is a highly flexible, medium-grained polyurethane elastomer complex with high anti-skid performance on an antislip adhesive. Well-known to boating professionals throughout the world, it is particularly well-suited to wet environments and secures slippery areas such as boat decks and cockpit companions.

Launched over 40 years ago as a blister pack, roll or sheet, it is now available in pre-cut, ready-to-use adhesive strips:

2 sizes 4cmx35cm/6 and 4cmx43cm/4 rounded edges

4 colours White – Black – Sand – Express Grey


Speed grip is a black, non-slip, ultra-lightweight, self-adhesive impact foam. Widely used in the world of sailing: bilge, chainplate / pulley protection, catamaran / dinghy liston … These products can also be used as wall protection, secure the grip on a tube or a handle … Launched in roll, the Speedgrip is now available in pre-cut, ready-to-use shapes – available in strips and sheets with rounded edges as well as in discs: 5.9cmx23.7cm/4, 15cmx28.5cm/2, 24.9cmx28.5cm/2, diam. 15cm/2.

New from TBSafe :

Pre-cut, self-adhesive anti-slip strips for wet environments.

ép. 1mm

4 colours: White/Black/Sand/Express Grey

2 sizes: 4cm x 35cm with 6 rounded edges

4cm x 43cm with 4 rounded edges

New Speed Grip :
Ultra-lightweight, self-adhesive shock absorbing foam Ep. 2mm
5.9 cm x 23.7 cm per 4,

15 cm x 28.5 cm per 2,

24.9 cm x 28.5 cm per 2,

diam. 15 cm per 2.

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