Speed Grip Strips

Speed Grip Strips

Speed grip is an ultra-lightweight, self-adhesive, anti-slip foam.

Product advantages / benefits
This foam is a real protection for your material. It is adhesive and can therefore be used on many surfaces such as a tube, a step under a table or a piece of furniture... Speed Grip tape is also widely used in the boating world to secure boat decks or kayak or canoe seats.
Proople's advice
Adheres perfectly to all smooth, clean, degreased and dry surfaces.

Performance tests

Tests carried out by independent national laboratories:

  • Slip resistanceSlip resistant

Speed Grip Strips BSBA59

  • THICKNESS : 2 mm
  • DENSITY : 0.24g / cm3
  • DURATION : 48 shore A
  • WEIGHT : 2.4 kg / cm²
  • TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE : -30 °C to + 80 °C

Installation method

Good adhesion on smooth surface such as GRP, painted or varnished wood, aluminum, stainless steel, ABS, carbon epoxy (make tests before). Not for PE – PP roto moulded surfaces.


  • Strip : 59 mm x 237 mm

Colours *

  • Black

* Colours not contractual

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