Speed Grip Disc

Speed Grip Disc

Speed grip is an ultra-lightweight, self-adhesive, anti-slip foam.

Product advantages / benefits
This foam is a real protection for your material. It is adhesive and can therefore be used on many surfaces such as a tube, a step under a table or a piece of furniture...
Proople's advice
Adheres perfectly to all smooth, clean, degreased and dry surfaces.

Performance tests

Tests carried out by independent national laboratories:

  • Slip resistanceSlip resistant

Speed Grip Disc DS150

  • THICKNESS : 2 mm
  • DENSITY : 0.24g / cm3
  • DURATION : 48 shore A
  • WEIGHT : 2.4 kg / cm²
  • TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE : -30 °C to + 80 °C

Installation method

Good adhesion on smooth surface such as GRP, painted or varnished wood, aluminum, stainless steel, ABS, carbon epoxy (make tests before). Not for PE – PP roto moulded surfaces.


  • Diameter 150 mm

Colours *

  • Black

* Colours not contractual

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