La Rochelle railway station: a new look for the station

After several months of work, the historic square of La Rochelle station has been completely redeveloped, a footbridge has been built over the tracks, in order to develop the back of the station to the south, which will become the main entrance, with a bus station and a large car park. The work was delayed for a few weeks due to problems with the footbridge. The inauguration is planned for June 2022, which is also the year of the centenary of La Rochelle station. Accessibility work has also been commissioned to facilitate access and to secure areas at risk.

Bouygues Travaux Publics Régions France is carrying out accessibility work to facilitate the movement of disabled people. The platforms are thus raised by a few centimetres. All staircases are equipped with anti-slip stair nosing and risers to ensure safe access.

Une nouvelle passerelle de 170 mètres traversera les voies de chemin de fer, permettant ainsi de créer un lien entre le nord, côté parvis, et le sud des voies ferrées. At about 7 metres above the ground, the iron structure refers to the metal architecture of the station. The insert stair nosing from Proople was ordered to ensure the safety of users on the various stairways leading to the walkway.

All the products ordered meet the same standards. It consists of methacrylate resin poured directly into the profile with a sprinkling of marble granules to ensure non-slip performance. The stair nosings are targeted directly into the stair.

For any accessibility or safety work on slippery areas, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: or by telephone on +(33)2 44 10 85 29.

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